Agustina - Cómic (F. Monzón y E. Mendoza)
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In the climax of the battle, when the Napoleonic army besiege the city and the resistance carried on by the Saragossa citizens starts to fall due to lot of deceases and low morale, a woman climbs over the dead to light the fuse of the cannon which turns her into a heroine and a symbol of the resistance against Napoleon’s troops.

Agustina, the comic, presents us a woman during the war time. Surviving in a men’s world, Agustina improves her woman’s conditions: a fighter without scruples, handling weapons and persuading with the brightness of her glance.

In a time of war, when the border between good and evil is diffuse, stories are necessary to be told, heroes needed to be followed. In the middle of the barbarity, Agustina’s glance shines and guides a reader as a splendid master of the guerrilla art of war.


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