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In the highest moment of the fight, when the Napoleonic armies besiege the city and the resistance carried on by the citizens of Saragossa is starting to abate for the deceases and the despondency, a woman climbs over the dead to light the fuse of the cannon, symbolizing that the city will never surrender.

The film presents a new vision of Agustina, heroine by chance, who uses all the arms she possesses with a sharp survival instinct. Agustina is based on the graphic novel of the same name and offers the female point of view in war time. Surviving in a men’s world, Agustina exceeds the limitations of her woman’s condition: a fighter without scruples, brandishing arms and persuading with the brightness of her eyes.

In war times, when the border between good and evil is diffuse, people need stories to tell and heroes to follow. In the middle of barbarity, Agustina’s look shines and guides the reader as a splendid master of the guerrilla warfare.