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Presentation of Agustina in FNAC Last Tuesday the 17th the presentation of Agustina took place in Fnac, Saragossa. The room was full of people who didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet Fernando Monzón and Enrique Mendoza, the authors of the graphic novel.
1001 ediciones had a presentation of Agustina on Tuesday the 17th of March at 19:30 in FNAC, Plaza España (Saragossa). The authors were accompanied by José Vicente Pinar who is responsible of the 1001 ediciones.
1001 ediciones presents Agustina next Friday the 6th of march at The Zaragoza History Centre.
The authors will be accompanied by the presenter and writer Carmen Ruiz and Ana María Pinar who is responsible of the 1001 ediciones.
The search of the next Agustina de Aragón has started! The next casting will take place in the Escuela Municipal de Teatro, the 12th of February from 16:00 to 21:00.
We will be accompanied by the present of Marissa Nolla Salvado, the head of the Escuela Municipal de Teatro and by Fernando Monzón Fabregat, the author of the comic “Agustina”.
If you are interested, you can inscribe in the website This is your moment!!!
Agustina in Angoulême:
Angoulême International Comics Festival (Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d'Angoulême) Agustina travels to the South of France in order to attend, in a life and direct broadcast, the 36th Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d'Angoulême, the most important annual appointment for comics addicted in Europe. International meetings, workshops, concerts and lots of comics.
Our project is receiving new collaborators. Ibón Casas has composed a possible Agustina's soundtrack. Thank's Ibón.
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20 minutos interviews to Fernando Monzón.
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Antena3 TV: Agustina de Aragón, the new comic heroine, sexy and awesome.
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Do you wanna be the new Agustina? The audition is getting close, we are looking for the new Agustina. We will soon inform you about the day, the hour and the place where the audition will take place. If you want to take part in the movie, this is your chance.
Agustina the movie launches its new site
In this site you will be informed about the project "Agustina, the movie".
We are developing the web site, sorry for the incovenients. We will soon publish news and contents about the project.